Availability, transparency and responsiveness are our key words.

Availability as we believe that a client should be able to speak with his lawyer as soon as a question or concern arises.

Transparency because the firm is committed to ensuring that its clients are never surprised by the amount of fees to be paid, as these are necessarily mentioned during the first consultation (not invoiced).

The responsiveness, as it is legitimate for the client to expect his lawyer to quickly provide solutions and clarification of his situation, especially if there are delays against him.

Based on these three standards, the firm provides its clients with advice and legal assistance, mainly in the field of intellectual property and the media, or in the following specialties:

Copyright and Related Rights (Copyright, Performers ‘Rights, Producers’ Rights), Industrial Property (Trademark Law, Design Law, Patent Law), Internet, Press Law and publishing Law (defamation, insult, social networks matters, publishing contracts).

In 2016, the firm incorporated the prestigious ranking of the best lawfirms in France by the magazine “Décideurs” in the categories “Press Law”, “Trademark Rights, Designs” and “Publishing Law”.

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